Smile - Roblox Creepypasta

Smile - Roblox Creepypasta



One day I was playing ROBLOX with my friends. Until I saw I had got 1 new message. So I opened it. It was from this user called smile. His avatar was completely black. And i couldn't seem to see his face. So anyway the PM said: Please play this game: (LINK HERE)

So I played it... I was inside a black box and I noticed something in the distance. I tryed to get a closer look then... BOOM! A picture of blood showed up on my computer screen. Not just on the ROBLOX window on the whole computer. But it soon disappeared. I went over to get a closer look and here's what it was. A head. It was white with no eyes just a smiley face.

As I moved around the head seem to follow me. Then thats when it happened. My computer crashed. After a while when i got my computer back on and running i logged into ROBLOX and my avatar looked exactly like his. And I couldn't change it.

Ever since then every game I went to I kept on seeing black shadows

I found him in his game (again) he was underneath the creepy head he was watching me And he said to me "Smile join the bloody pile" then he smiled... there was something on the head i just didn't know i have proof that this happend... (Video)

After a while whenever i joined a roblox game my roblox cursor would start getting redder and redder...(Update now my cursor is transparent???)

(I will add more info i get any more)

Here is the link to the Game

So one day i was playing roblox like normal and i checked up on smile666exe's profile and there was a new game called my story so i played it and its a code game with a secret person inside it there was two people this time though smile999exe and smile666exe, i dident know if smile999exe was a fake but i did notcare i went to the door but i could not guess the code no matter how hard i tryed but then the owner smile666exe opened it for me and inside there was him and he told me a story heres the link to the video of proof